Sophomore E Mini Self-Reflection

Meta-Cognitive Exercise in the Design Process


Visiting the CMOA


parti diagram

AN-MY LÊ Interviews + Takeaways

Hybrid Spaces Reflection

Diagram Illustration
TinkerCAD Circuit Model
Finalized Iteration on the right.
Left: Artists Works + Expanded Context. Right: Silent General + Specimen Days
“Silent General” room
Interior Photos

Reflection: What differentiates an architect from an environments designer?

Finalizing Elevations

The Partition

Silent General Tech Interaction

Scaling Readability

Screenshot from the “Practical Guide to Exhibitions” by the Glasgow Museum.
Iterative wall display for text at scale. I had to get used to thinking about what it would be like to stand in front of the wall, rather than see it as a model.
Completed Elevation

First Elevation

Final Visualizations

‘Silent General’ in action

Final Physical Model Pictures

Self-Reflection Meta-Cognitive Experience

Project Reflection