Tell a story about your designer through the use of sound, graphics, and movement.

I looked for inspiration videos to find some tricks and gimmicks to add to my toolkit. There’s some cool stuff with screentones and intentionally lowered framerate I can use.

Create a physical magazine-style booklet for someone who knows nothing about your designer. How will you inform and delight them?

Started out sketching rough ideas on a flat plan. Although I didn’t particularly like any one idea, I did find a scattered few ideas & visuals across the spreads that…

Gary, Tate, Ian, Daniel

Main Research Question

How have consumer expectations of modified business practices & services changed during the pandemic?

2 Research Methods

The kano diagram is a means of organizing product features by consumer expectation. Based on its classification (Must-Be, Performance, Attractive) we can begin to apply this reasoning to the accommodations that businesses…

Process Documentation and Journal by Gary Tang


Introduction of the project. Consider how to meaningfully include elements like timeline, pull quotes, callouts, etc. while balancing imagery with blocks of information.

Created a preliminary moodboard for research & reference.

I tried to pick out some iconic colors she used; Greiman appeared to favor technicolor primaries.

Gary, Tate, Ian, Daniel

Gary: I enjoyed the group exercise. I viewed the chairs as different lens through which to examine a basic statement, which ties in with the various approaches to design research one can take. I found it interesting that everyone rated “Will” as 10/10, probably due to…

Design a mixed-reality experience that mimics the studio advantages/interactions afforded to those in person.

Gathering Research

Reading Material Main Takeaways:

  • Combine physical bodystorming with acting to ideate. Storyboarding serves different purposes at various levels of fidelity.
  • Designing for the “average” means designing for nobody. …

Meta-Cognitive Exercise in the Design Process


Meta-cognitive Regulation: Map the course schedule to your own schedule.

I personally have a light course load for the semester, allowing me to work in time for other things.

I find it more convenient to move between classes and projects fluidly during my studio working hours. …

Gary Tang

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